Turin and Piedmont guided tours

Piedmont, bordering Switzerland and France, surrounded by the Alps, as its name suggests is a land of mountains. This region has many other facets: from Turin, the first capital of Italy, with its remarkable cultural heritage to the cultivated hills and vineyards dotted with small towns and castles or charming places, including ancient abbeys and stunning mountain fortresses.

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Guided tour of the Egyptian Museum of Turin and walking tour in Turin City centre

Amazing Turin, a journey through the Ancient Egypt

Turin is an amazing place, a sort of open-air museum. This city that is continually evolving combines Baroque palaces, monuments from its glorious past, prestigious museums, including the famous Egyptian Museum, and contemporary architecture that exist in complete harmony. Discover a dynamic city with its important Egyptian collection, the world’s second largest collection after the Cairo Museum.

Guided tour of the Royal Palace in Turin and its masterpieces

Turin, first capital of Italy

Piedmont and the House of Savoy played an important role in Italy’s unification and, in the second half of the 19th century, Turin became the centre of political life in the kingdom.
Relive those exciting moments and visit the Royal Palace and the ancient government buildings! Palazzo Madama, which housed Italy’s Upper House and Palazzo Carignano, which housed Italy’s Lower House are undoubtedly fine examples of Baroque architecture.

Guided tour of Venaria Royal Palace and Stupinigi Hunting Lodge

Turin and the Royal Residences, Unesco World Heritage Sites

Between the 17th and the 19th centuries the Savoy dynasty had various sumptuous residences and castles that were designed by the best architects. These monumental complexes were the result of a very specifical plan to create as a symbolic crown around Turin. Part of the so-called Crown of Delights includes Rivoli Castle, seat of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Royal Palace of Venaria, defined by many as “the Versailles of Savoy” and the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge.
Combine at your leisure a visit to one or more residences with a city tour.You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Guided tour of Turin National Cinema Museum and the Jewish quarter

Turin and the cinema

A different way to explore Turin, the craddle of Italian cinema, that is traditionally considered a mysterious city. Enjoy a guided tour in the National Museum of Cinema highlighting the curious link between the seventh art, staged tricks and magic. Then a pleasant walk will take you to the old Jewish district, in a maître chocolatier’s atelier.

Guided tour of Modernist Architecture in Turin and the National Automobile Museum of Turin

Turin Belle Époque

A pleasant walk from the Parco del Valentino to the nearby hilly area offers you an original perspective on Turin. With your guide you’ll discover the Modernist architectures conceived for the rising bourgeoisie, at the beginning of the twentieth century. This period also known as Belle Époque is equally emphasised during the visit of the National Automobile Museum with its amazing car collection.

Guided tour of St Michael’s Abbey in Susa Valley

Saint Michael’s Abbey and the Via Francigena

Since ancient times the Susa Valley has been a strategic point to reach Rome or Santiago de Compostela. The constant flow of pilgrims and merchants contributed to create monasteries of international renown lining the ancient Via Francigena or abbeys standing in the quiet solitude of the countryside such as the La Sacra di San Michele, one of the most impressive monuments in Piedmont, dominating the entrance of the Susa Valley.
Immerse yourself in the medieval world, to discover the fascinating history around this Benedectine Abbey perched on the top of the Monte Pirchiriano, at 1000 metres (3280 ft).

Guided tour of Alba and Barolo

Alba and the Langhe

The hilly area of Langhe, in the province of Cuneo, is widely celebrated for its wines, hazelnuts, and fine truffles—particularly the white truffles of Alba. This route gives you the opportunity to discover the region’s many landscapes, declared Unesco World Heritage Sites, whilst visiting some of its most beautiful places such as the town of Alba, capital of Langhe and fairytale castles. It includes the castle of Serralunga d’Alba, with its impressive medieval structure, and the multisensory Wine Museum surrounded by the vineyards of Barolo that have made the region famous all over the world.