Torta Novecento and Ivrea

If you visit Ivrea-recentlty recognized by Unesco as the ideal industrial city of the 20th Century– you should try the local specialities too.

Torta Novecento is a cake made of two layers of very soft cocoa chocolate sponge and filled with a very delicate chocolate cream.

Salmorejo with edible flowers

Salmorejo is a typical cold soup from Andalusia made with fresh and ripe tomatoes, bread, garlic, vinegar, salt and extra virgin olive oil.

This creamy soup, in the Turinese restaurant Luogo Divino‘s version, is made with cherries and garnished with edible flowers.

Colomares castle, Benalmádena (Málaga)

The castle was built in the late eighties (XXth century) by Dr Esteban Martín to honour the life and adventures of Christopher Colombus.

This fairy-tale castle is a unique combination of architectural styles which had a marked effect on Spanish culture: Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Mudejar.

The House of the Dragons, Ceuta

Historical building (19th century), in the Spanish enclave on the north coast of Africa, in Morocco.

The eclectic building was designed by the Valencian architect Pérez who embellished the roof with bronze dragons.

Torta inglesa

The Torta Inglesa (the English cake) is a typical sweet cake from Carmona (Seville) made with sponge cake, puff pastry and spaghetti squash jam, cabello de ángel. Locals consider Las Delicias (Chamorro, 12) to have the best cakes in the city.

Malaga’s urban street art – MAUS (Málaga Arte Urbano en el Soho)

ROA, a Belgian street artist, painted the Chameleon in Calle Casas de Campos, in Malaga. This ‘Environmental street artist’ features wild animals that are native to the area being painted. His intention is to put these animals back in their rightful habitat that was destroyed when the cities were built.

Gastronomy: Cardoons and anchovies pie

This recipe is a traditional dish from Piedmont. Cardoon is a winter vegetable that, when prepared correctly, tastes like artichokes. I would recommend a white wine from Liguria or Piedmont to pair with this dish.

Contemporary Art: Church of Santo Volto, Turin

The Church of Santo Volto in Turin has been realized by Mario Botta between 2004 and 2006. The seven towers of the church rises like a monumental pivot, almost a mechanism of industrial memories, bringing to life the relationship between the historical city, industrial voids and current building growth.